Cleaning Technology

Cleaning Technology

 Water Pipe Cleaning Technology

All of the water pipe cleaning machines from Water Manager use the CACS technology to clean the residential water supply pipes.

What is CACS Technology?

 CACS technology is a combination of  citric acid cleaning technology and spiral pulse cleaning technology . The water vapor, mixed with spiral pulse, was formed by the water vapor mixing pulse device. It can spirally clean the inner wall of the pipes. The cleaning pressure was less than 0.35 MPa, which is safe, efficient and environmentally friendly. It was suitable for cleaning domestic water pipes made of various materials.
cacs pipe cleaning technology
What is the function of food-grade citric acid during cleaning?
During the cleaning process, food-grade citric acid solution was fluid in the water pipe and soak for 30min. the main function is soften the dirt, heavy metals, moss and deposit so that it can be easily take away during cleaning.
Surely there is another function of citric acid, that is 
sterilizing and removing odors.

1. If your local water quality is good, you can also don't use the food grade citric acid;
2. The food grade citric acid can be replaced by other kinds of chemical which can be used to clean the water pipes, just ensure it 's not harmful for people's health.
Advantages of CACS Cleaning Technology
  • Quick: for 100 square meters house, it will only takes about 40 -60 mins( including the citrci acid solution soaking time)
  • Safe: cleaning pressure is lower than 0.35MPa, near the municipal hydraulic pressure, no pipe burst dangerous;
  •           The food-grade citric acid is very safe and exists in the natural fruits and drink, 100% safe. no residue;
  • Clean: effective spiral cleaning mode, clean all dirt in the pipe
  • Effective: can cleaning away 80%-90% deposit and bacteria, moss, sediment and heavy metals from the pipes
Cleaning Effects Display
high frequency pipe cleaning effects

What material pipes can be clean with your CACS Technology?

Water manager pipe cleaning equipment can clean all kinds of material pipes, like PVC, PPR, copper, stainless steel, iron and galvanize pipes.

water supply pipe types

What is the max diameter pipe you can clean?

Reguarly our water pipe cleaning equopment can clean max 1.2inch Dia. pipes, if your pipe size is bigger than 1.2 inch, then you can use 2PCS or more machines to clean at  the same time.

How Could I connect your water pipe cleaning equipment to the water pipes?

Below is the connection guides for RX-3000, which shows you can directly conenct our machine to any valves in the house.
Water pipe cleaning machines connection