Why do you want to clean the water pipe?

Nowadays, pollution is becoming more and more serious, and the quality of tap water is also worrying. Household water pipes which have not been cleaned for a long time accumulate a large amount of scale, which not only obstructs the water pipes to reduce the amount of effluent, but also easily breeds microcystins, bacterial viruses, E. coli and enteroviruses, and also accumulates heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury, which endanger human health! Water pipes have become the second source of water pollution. Cleaning water pipes has become a necessity.


Water pipes that have been used for many years are especially dirty

Water pipes that have been in use for many years

50% tap water is not qualified.

50% of child deaths are related to poor water quality.

More than 50 diseases are related to poor drinking water quality.

80% of diseases are related to poor water quality.

Dirty water pipes do so much harm. What are you waiting for? Protect your family's health with Nishimura


Charge situation

According to the size of the household, cleaning service fees vary from 350 to 800! Specifically, you can call the cleaning service hotline 400-888-5524 to inquire about the price.

Water pipe cleaning process


Water Pipeline Cleaning Service

Ricun Household Water Pipe Cleaning Process


cleaning technology

Water pipe cleaner, using the CACS cleaning technology independently developed by Ricun, low voltage operation, low voltage cleaning, safe and non-explosive pipe risk.


Cleaning range

Clean all water pipes in residential area! Active or passive pipes such as domestic water pipes, floor heating pipes, air conditioning, medical equipment, etc.

Including cold and hot water pipes for bathroom washstand, shower sprinkler, kitchen and washing machine water pipes, etc.


Cleaning effect diagram

Cleaning effect diagram of domestic tap water pipeline

Washed water, white turbid, light green algae water; coffee, Chinese medicine color rust water; more use of groundwater black ink sludge water!