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The Most Advanced Pipe Cleaning Products- RX-3000

Model:RX-3000( Advanced Version)

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water pipe cleaning kit
    detailed pictures of RX-3000
pipe cleaners for cleaning LED Light   uses for pipe cleaners handle
LED Light:show different working status in 3 colors        Reinforce non-slipped silicone handle

G+G touch screen for cleaning water pipes in house   storage space
       7+7 inch G+G capacitive touch screen                      With a storage space for remote control

stainless steel connector  general plumbing equipment vending hole
   SS 304# joint at side to avoid dripping water         Venting hole: make the machine more durable

Model No.: RX-3000 ( Advanced Version)

Color: Silver, White( Optional)
Material: ABS high density plastic material,Stainless steel 304#, SECC Galvanized sheet
Shape: European Fashionable styled streamline appearance
The control circuit: CACS impulse generator
Operate Method: 7 inch G+G capacitive touch panel
Leak Detection Accuracy: 0.01KG/CM˄2
Application: Domestic water pipes, floor heating pipe,heating radiator, electric water heater,central air-conditioning,solar water heater, air conditioner,medical equipment and other pipes for residential, school, hotel, villa etc


1. 7 inch G+G capacitive touch screen( the same as iphone);
2. With a storage case for remote control
3. Super Mode: help you to simply match the pulse frequency level according to different pipe situation
4. LED light in the front will show the different working status in different colors
5. Reinforce non-slipped rubber handle
6. Venting hole at the bottom
7. ABS high density plastic material
8. With a USB port: we will simply send you a USB with the upgraded software in it when there is software problems

Cleaning Effects
pipe cleaning effects

Demonstration Video