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The Most Advanced Pipe Cleaning Products- RX-3000

Model:RX-3000( Advanced Version)

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water pipe cleaning kit
    detailed pictures of RX-3000
pipe cleaners for cleaning LED Light   uses for pipe cleaners handle
LED Light:show different working status in 3 colors        Reinforce non-slipped silicone handle

G+G touch screen for cleaning water pipes in house   storage space
       7+7 inch G+G capacitive touch screen                      With a storage space for remote control

stainless steel connector  general plumbing equipment vending hole
   SS 304# joint at side to avoid dripping water         Venting hole: make the machine more durable

Model No.: RX-3000 ( Advanced Version)

Color: Silver, White( Optional)
Material: ABS high density plastic material,Stainless steel 304#, SECC Galvanized sheet
Shape: European Fashionable styled streamline appearance
The control circuit: CACS impulse generator
Operate Method: 7 inch G+G capacitive touch panel
Leak Detection Accuracy: 0.01KG/CM˄2
Application: Domestic water pipes, floor heating pipe,heating radiator, electric water heater,central air-conditioning,solar water heater, air conditioner,medical equipment and other pipes for residential, school, hotel, villa etc


1. 7 inch G+G capacitive touch screen( the same as iphone);
2. With a storage case for remote control
3. Super Mode: help you to simply match the pulse frequency level according to different pipe situation;
4. LED light in the front will show the different working status in different colors.
5. Reinforce non-slipped rubber handle;
6. Venting hole at the bottom;
7. ABS high density plastic material
8. With a USB port: we will simply send you a USB with the upgraded software in it when there is software problems.