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Under COVID-19, how to live as a healthy way?


In this special period of the COVID-19, everyone should be most concerned about our own health issues
In an interview with CCTV, Wang Chen, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and an expert in respiratory and critically ill medicine, said: COVID-19 may accompany our lives for a long time like flu, so we need to be prepared.

How to ensure a healthy life in this environment?

1.Do you clean the water pipes of your house regularly ?
The water pipes that have not been cleaned for several years are easy to block and damage the pipes, and the water flow becomes smaller; in the past, they will breed algae, bacteria and viruses, and also accumulate heavy metals that endanger human health. Regular cleaning of the water pipe can remove heavy metal deposits in the pipe, remove the propagation of bacteria and algae in the pipe, keep the pipe clean and smooth, and ensure the health of drinking water.
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2.Do you clean your phone regularly?
In daily life, we even have to hold a mobile phone even when we sleep. Mobile phones have basically become our personal items, but according to the survey, there are nearly 120,000 bacteria per square centimeter of the mobile phone, and the entire mobile phone has at least Millions of bacteria, if not cleaned regularly, this is a huge breeding ground for bacteria. When we touch the phone and touch the mouth, ears, eyes, and nose, it is easy to cause disease infection.
3.Is it necessary to wash the clothes which you only worn once?
I believe that many people think that clothes worn only once do not look dirty and do not need to be washed. In fact, there are many bacteria on our clothes that we cannot see. Human body emits heat, sweat, dander, etc. will adhere to the clothes, idle in a humid and humid environment will become a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, mites. According to the test, there are 100 or 1,000,000 cfu microorganisms per square centimeter on the clothes passed through, and there are even many pathogenic bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus. 
Today is the 70th World Health Day, and the National Health Commission has designated China ’s propaganda theme as “tribute to medical care and fight against the epidemic”. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Medical personnel are the backbone to overcome the epidemic. We must attach great importance to their protection, care and love, and provide support from all aspects." Pay tribute to the vast number of medical workers who fought hard and came forward! You are the greatest and the most lovely people!