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Regularly Clean Water Pipes to Solve Hidden Dangers of dirty


Speaking of the relationship between water and health, then we must know what role water plays in our body. Water in the human body plays a role in promoting food digestion, regulating body temperature, lubricating joints, discharging metabolic waste, ensuring nutrient delivery, and promoting blood circulation.
70% of the human body is water, which is distributed throughout the body, such as inside and outside the cells, various tissues and organs, blood, and lymph fluid. The quality of this 70% water largely determines the quality of the human body, so drinking water pipe cleaning is very important to us.
The physiological functions of water on the human body are specifically manifested in the following points:
1. Water participates in the whole process of metabolism in the human body. The solubility of water is very strong, and it has a large ionization capacity, which can make the dissolved state and electrolyte ion state of water-soluble substances in the body exist. During the process of digestion, absorption, circulation and excretion, it can accelerate the transportation of nutrients and excretion of waste, so that the metabolism and physiological and chemical reactions in the human body can proceed smoothly.
2. Water is one of the important components of cells and body fluids. Each cell of the human body and its basic units contain water, and various glandular secretions of the human body are liquids. If dehydration occurs, digestive juice secretion decreases, food digestion is affected, appetite declines, and blood flow slows. The accumulation of waste in the body reduces the metabolic activity, which leads to the failure of the body and the disease.
3. Water maintains a fixed blood volume of the human body, and the body's blood water content accounts for about 80%. If a large amount of water is lost, the amount of hemolysis is reduced and hypotension is generated, which affects the functional activities of various organs of the human body, especially the heart, brain, and kidney. Therefore, the amount of hemolysis is closely related to the water content.
4. Water plays an important role in regulating human body temperature. The specific heat value of water is high. For every gram of water to increase or decrease by 10C, a calorific value of 1000 calories is required. Because the human body contains a large amount of water, the thermal energy generated during the metabolic process is absorbed by the water, so that the body temperature does not rise significantly.
In fact, the cause of many chronic diseases is simply the lack of water in the body. Regularly clean the water pipes, drink good water, and be responsible for your body. Don't let chronic diseases caused by water become your problem. The quality of water determines your health, and regular cleaning of water pipes can solve the hidden dangers of dirty water pipes.