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How Does Developed Countries Control the Tap Water Quality


Although the water from the water plant after treatment can meet the standards, it will always produce various pollution during the transportation process, resulting in poor water quality. Therefore, various countries have taken certain measures to protect water quality. Let's take a look at how developed countries control tap water quality! 
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(1)Germany: Water quality measured every hour
In order to ensure the safety of water sources, water protection zones have been established throughout Germany. Three levels of water source protection zones were also divided according to different distances around the aquifer. The first level protection zone within 10 meters around the water sampling point is the most stringent. All contaminated substances are prohibited from penetrating into the ground and offenders will be punished. huge sum of money
(2)Japan: All the water supply pipes are stainless steel  in Tokyo
It is known that there are 51 standards for water quality testing in Japan, including E. coli, mercury content, water hardness, and taste. If there is a problem with the tap water during the transportation process, the preliminary monitoring will be useless. In other words, the pipeline from the water plant to the household becomes the most critical factor affecting the quality of tap water.
In 1999, the Tokyo Water Supply Bureau used stainless steel bellows as a standard material, indicating that stainless steel was used as a water supply pipe and a water supply pipe in the building into a standardized track. According to statistics from the Tokyo Water Supply Department, the penetration rate of stainless steel pipes has increased from 11% in 1982 to over 90% by 2000, and is now closer to 100%. 
(3)United States: Water Quality Status Available Online
The water quality of tap water in each region of the United States can be obtained from the local public health department or water supply company. The National Environmental Protection Agency also has a department responsible for the management of drinking water quality. Interested citizens can check online.
If the pollutants are found to exceed the maximum allowable concentration during spot checks, the user must be notified immediately and appropriate remedial measures must be taken and follow-up inspections must be performed until resolved. In addition to water source testing, the United States also has strict regulations for the entire water pipeline system, requiring that all products and materials that come into contact with drinking water must be sanitary. 
(4)UK: claim for poor water quality
Many Britons use water filter devices not to distrust the safety of tap water, but to soften the water quality, because the water quality in most parts of the UK is very hard and it is easy to breed scale.
In addition, most of the main water pipes in the UK are iron and easily rusted, and the iron and manganese content in water sources in some areas is high. If they are not handled well, sediments will form in the water pipes and mixed with the tap water. Therefore, the British Drinking Water Inspection Agency reminds the public that if they find that the tap water at home has changed color, they should immediately notify the water company and have the right to claim compensation.