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Water pipe cleaning: the solution of healthy drinking


Water flowing from water plant to the taps in each family, is the process of one-way flow, in this process the water quality is decreasing, which means it is slowly contaminated. There are two reasons of the water contamination:
1. The pipelines are being contaminated
The pipelines can be contaminated in many ways, the yellow-color water coming out from the tap is usually with rust. Every time the water is shut down then recovered, the yellow-color will be temporarily seen, it is because the process of shutting down water destabilized the sediment deposited (dirt、rust) in the pipelines.
water pipe cleaning
2. Accumulation of contamination
Water supply system is not only just a water delivering system, but also a container which has complex structure, the accumulation of all kinds of impurity substances in the container, with physical or chemical reactions, will contaminate the water. When there is temporary water shutting down and restart, the water coming out from the taps will be turbid for a period of time, these impurities which is visible to you is not generated from the shutting down, they had already been in the pipeline system.
As a result, we put forward a solution for utilizing healthy water – water pipeline cleaning, the purpose is to let everybody use “sediment-free” (healthy and safe) water
Advanced treatment: means in residents’ side, having an advanced and centralized water treatment for one district, there is need to not only make up for the technical deficiency of water plant, but also resolve the contamination in the process of water supply.
Improvement of water quality: water quality is decreasing during water supply, which should be improved before flowing into residential areas. To do that, the contamination in the process should be resolved, in the meantime, the contamination caused by second impoundment of the compression facility should also be dealt with.
Clean and purify the water pipeline, wipe out most of the dirt deposited in the pipeline, keep the tap water away from the contamination, ensure every family is able to utilize healthy water.