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Three Methods of Water Pipe Cleaning


Which type of water pipe cleaning should be selected for household water pipes?
Household water pipes can be very dirty after years of use. What are the techniques for water pipe cleaning? Let's make a comparison of the three methods of water pipe cleaning:
water pipe cleaning
1. Chemical cleaning 
Chemical cleaning uses chemical cleaner to clean the pipelines. This technology has the characteristics of high flexibility, no requirement for the pipe shape and thorough cleaning. It is possible for industrial pipe cleaning, but chemical cleaning is unsuitable for domestic water pipe cleaning. What’s more, chemical residues can also affect our health. Therefore, it is not recommended to use this method to clean household water pipes.
2. High pressure cleaning 
For pipes with a pipe diameter greater than 50cm, High-pressure water jet above 50Mpa will be used to remove and clean the dirt on the inner surface of the pipes. This technology is mainly used for short-distance pipelines, which has the characteristics of high speed and low cost. However, high pressure cleaning is unsuitable for domestic water pipe cleaning. As the household water pipes are all built into the walls, the use of high-pressure cleaning is likely to cause pipe burst. If pipe burst occurs, the wall must be removed to repair the pipes. So considering the hidden dangers, high pressure cleaning is very unsuitable for household water pipe cleaning.
3. CACS water pipe cleaning technology 
The difference between Ricun CACS water pipe cleaning equipment and the traditional cleaning equipments is that we uses low pressure cleaning. Compared with high pressure cleaning, our cleaning pressure is about 0.2-0.3Mpa, which is equivalent to the water supply pressure. So it is much safer and there is no danger of pipe burst. What’s more, the equipment is suitable for all types of water pipes!
Using self-developed CACS cleaning technology, food-grade citric acid is used to soften the dirt, and high-frequency pulse cleaning is following to clean the pipe walls with 360° flushing. There is an intelligent leak detection
before cleaning, detecting whether the pipeline leaks to avoid damages to old water pipes. Unique intelligent adjustment of the cleaning rhythm, protection of the pipelines, efficient and safe operation