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Water Manager Eighth Anniversary


Nine years ago,
The founder of Ricun found that people don’t have the healthy water concept 
There is little pipe cleaning service
During these 8 years
Ricun devoted into R&D of CACS pipe cleaning machine
Gaining more than 20 patents
And established Water Manager 
We bring new experience of pipe cleaning for millions of families
The concept of pipe cleaning and healthy water usage is awakening
After 8 years, we have greater ambition
We expect that 
We can innovate on the cleaning technology
We expect that
More and more people will join our career
So that we can help the young start their own business
We expect that
Our service can be better and better to make our customer satisfied
We expect that
Our pipe cleaning machine can be exported to more countries
We expect that
We can create a healthy water consumption life-style for millions of families
We have been trying to
Promote the development of pipe cleaning industry
And improve the water quality
The clean water
Might be the home where it supposed to be
Clean water, bright future.

Water manager eighth anniversary