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Why Choose Citric Acid for Cleaning Pipes?


In the water pipe cleaning process, one step is to dissolve the citric acid. Many people have doubts: glycolic acid, acetic acid, white vinegar, baking soda... so many additives, why is citric acid selected in the cleaning water pipe? Can other additives not work?
food grade citric acid
First of all, for safety reasons, the chemical should be non-toxic and harmless; secondly, for the cleaning effect, the chemical should be selected to be highly targeted.
Strong acids such as glycolic acid and acetic acid are extremely corrosive, which may cause cleaning accidents, or personal injury, or damage to water pipes. While white vinegar and baking soda also have a cleaning effect, they should be more stubborn and have larger water pipes. The obvious strength is not enough. Therefore, citric acid has become a better cleaning aid in water pipe cleaning.
So what role does citric acid play as an effective adjuvant for cleaning water pipes?
water pipes scale
1.Soften scale
Citric acid is a weak acid, and the weak acid can chemically react with the scale after heating, causing the scale to fall off. This is why it is necessary to dissolve citric acid with warm water before pumping. At the same time, citric acid is an edible additive. It does not cause the safety problem of drinking water after washing. Its weak acidity and the short staying process in the water pipe during the cleaning process are not enough to cause damage to the material of the water pipe.
Water pipes that have not been cleaned for a long time, in addition to visible dirt, also breed a variety of bacteria, which does not meet the standards and habits of contemporary healthy drinking water. Under the combined action of warm water, citric acid has a good effect of killing bacterial spores. In the process of water pipe cleaning, colleagues can disinfect the inner wall of the water pipe.
water bacterias
3. Remove odor
After the water pipe has been bubbled in the water and other impurities for a long time, and the material catalyzed by the water pipe itself, the odor is generated after a certain period of time, which affects the taste of the tap water. The scent of citric acid itself can effectively help the water pipe to remove odor and make the tap water taste healthier.