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The Latest Version of Water Pipe Cleaning Equipment RX-3000


water pipe cleaning equipment
Based on the data and feedback gathered from our customers, latest water pipe cleaner RX-3000 has been greatly upgraded both in function and appearance.
  • Functionally Renovation 
We are continuously moving forward.
1.New Super Mode for cleaning can free you from adjusting the different cleaning frequency mode.
2.Intelligent Leak Detection with higher accuracy can help you better identify if there is a leak in the pipeline to make sure our cleaning proceeds safely.
3.“Infusing while Cleaning”is applied in pipelines without water sources like the central air conditioner and medical equipment.
  • It is not just an “eye candy”
We value the quality and sensibility for every single details. 
1.Connecting areas on the right side made by Stainless Steel 304 effectively avoid the potential damage of dripping water.
2.ABS material is widely used in order to give the machine a strong shield, which helps protect it from scratching and even collision.
3.G+G operation panel simplifies the working process.
4.LED signal light shows the different working status.
5.Silicon-made handle makes it easier and more comfortable to carry.
6.Storage case on the back side is specifically designed for remote control.
7.Exhaust port on the bottom of the machine helps lengthen the life-span.
Water Manager is dedicated to bring back clean water every family deserves to have, we care and we listen.

With water manager brand new water pipe cleaning machine, cleaning water pipes in house becomes simpler!