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Super Cleaning- Start a New Era of Intelligent Operation


We make cleaning simpler!
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Through the cooperation of the R& D team and the technical team of the company, Xiamen Ricun Enviro-Tech Co., Ltd innovated and designed a brand-new type of water pipe cleaning machine-RX-3000.

1 AI Super cleaning Mode
It can automatically select and switch cleaning mode from high, middle and low frequency impulse to achieve the maximum cleaning effect.
2 The ability of memory and calculation
Enhanced ARM processor: the main chip of the control system uses enhanced ARM processor to make the system program work efficiently, flexibly. With editable function, it is more accurate in speech decoding and clear in images.
3. High precision and long life
The imported diffused silicon pressure sensor has longer service life, more precision, and higher sensitivity. So it takes 5 minutes to detect leakage at the soonest.
4. G+G capacitive touch screen
The 7-inch high-clearance and high-brightness capacitive touch screen adopts the G + G structure, which is the same material structure as the iPhone and the iPad touch screen. The large screen displays the high penetration rate, and the high-definition display angle is highlighted. The multi-point touch is supported, and with wear-resistance and heat-resistance, water-proof and the anti-freezing features, the service life of the screen is long.

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Our brand new version: RX-3000 will be officially come into the market on March 6, 2019.
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