The agent condition

The agent condition
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Conditions of joining:

1.As a franchisee, the fund is the most basic backing. Those who have the ability to open a store can develop faster in the future! The franchisee of the Ricun needs to have a certain economic strength, strong market development capability and a good market business reputation;
2.The so-called "If You Are the One", if you want to open a store to join a career, you must have a certain perseverance and wilpower! The franchisee of RiCun must have a sincere and long-term willingness to cooperate, and the spirit of pragmatic and trustworthy, and strict performance of the contract;
3.Only those who have the responsibility can start a good career. Therefore, having the ability to independently assume civil liability and criminal responsibility is also one of the basic requirements for joining Ricun;
4.Starting a business requires a certain experience for opening a store, and the ability in operation to open a bright future! The franchisees of Ricun shall have the ability to independently develop and control the market in the local region;
5.Those who often succumb to a little difficulty fail to make a big deal. The franchisee of Ricun must be dedicated, clinging, have a strong brand awareness and courage to overcome difficulties, and a market pioneering spirit that never say never.
As long as you meet the above conditions, you can join the Ricun. Ricun Enviromental Technology Co., Ltd. welcomes the like-minded people in the world to create a better future!

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