Water pipe cleaner is a profession that uses equipment to clean domestic water pipes. Water pipe cleaning can effectively clean the dirt of domestic water pipes. It can not only clean scales, rust, fine runners, etc., but also indirectly maintain water pipes to avoid the pollution caused by dirty water pipes to the tap water used at home. It is a guardian to protect the safety of domestic water.


Cleaning water pipes to solve life problems

Many residents have been affected by dirty water pipes in their lives. Whether they get up in the morning or come home from work, they suddenly find that the water pipes in their homes become smaller, yellow water, tap water have a stinky smell, and they feel itchy after every bathing. They also think that it is caused by dry skin. If they do not change the pipes for decades, rust water, moss and red nematode will flow out. It's scary. Dirty water pipes not only affect the normal water use and pollution of tap water, but also cause water troubles in life mostly by domestic dirty water pipes. Cleaning water pipes deserves our attention.


What about pipes that have been used for years? Is there any harm?

Most of the pipes used in domestic construction are iron or PVC pipes. Normally, when a house is built for more than five years, the water pipe wall will begin to corrode and produce water rust. The more time it takes, the more serious the situation of rust and scale will become. The plastic tube will begin to absorb microorganisms after warm water, and gradually form a biofilm attached to the tube wall. When the water in the water pipe is still in the water pipe, the bacteria and pathogens in the biofilm will gradually release into the water. The longer the water immersed in the water pipe, the more bacteria and pathogens. Unwashed pipes are 100 times dirtier than toilets. Heavy metals, manganese, cadmium and other bacteria deposited on the inner walls of pipes are enough to kill seven elephants and 3,000 filarials for a month.


Development of Water Pipe Cleaning

Health is a big business, good investment projects, water pipe cleaning is the same! In recent years, the harm of dirty water pipes has been gradually understood by a small number of people, and the cleaning of tap water pipes has also been affirmed by some people. In fact, Japan and European and American countries began to clean water pipes as early as 20 years ago. In recent years, Taiwan has introduced Japan's water cleaning technology, improved and promoted it to the mainland. At present, millions of households have joined the ranks of regular cleaning water pipes in China.


Home Water Pipe Cleaning Method: CACS Cleaning Technology

CACS cleaning technology is citric acid cleaning technology, spiral pulse cleaning technology and Japanese high-cycle pulse cleaning technology. Through the fifth generation of water-vapor mixing pulse device, water-vapor mixing spiral pulse is formed to form 360 degree spiral cycle pulse washing on the pipeline. The cleaning pressure is less than 0.35 MPa. It is safe, efficient and environmentally friendly. It is suitable for domestic water supply pipelines of various materials. Cleaning is an advanced household water pipe cleaning technology.


Cost of cleaning water pipes

Now there are service personnel specializing in cleaning water pipes, booking cleaning, door-to-door service, using professional equipment and good service to escort the safety of drinking water for families. According to the different equipment and services, ordinary housing generally ranges from 200 to 600 yuan, and cleaning is usually about 1 hour.

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