Construction Case

The hotel ’s male and female guests ’hot water pipes have thick scale and small water output, which seriously affects customers’ showers. The hotel has tried many methods for this problem, but there is no way to solve them. It also caused the 6 shower room pipes to be completely blocked. The other faucets have a small amount of water, customers have complained about this many times, the situation is urgent, and they are close to the National Day Tourism Golden Week, when the customer traffic is large, if you do not solve this problem in a timely manner, it will cause inestimable losses. Actually they have prepared to replace pipes. But with an attitude of trying, they ordered the pipe cleaning services from us.

Preliminary preparation
water supply pipe
Pipeline schematic analysis
The hotel has long pipelines for men and women, and many faucets. The men and women are cleaned separately. Considering that there are many scales to be managed, the large pipes are connected, and the pulses enter the small pipes, which has caused blockages. The equipment is connected to the wash basin on the first floor near the water source. First clear the blocked pipes, and then soak the citric acid and water several times. For cleaning, drain the scale from the large first-floor pipe, and then connect the equipment from the negative first-floor, and clean it along the direction of the water source.
pipeline scale soaking
Before cleaning the test sample

cleaning testing process
Testing process
Test analysis: The hotel's water source is underground hot spring water. The mineral content of calcium ions and other minerals in the water is relatively high. It is easy to form white solid scales on the pipe wall after heating by the boiler.
scales in the water pipe wall
Test Results
Solution: Use RX-2800 water pipe cleaning equipment developed by "Nimura Environmental Technology" for multiple cleaning
hot spring pipes hot water pipes cleaning water pipe cleaning equipment connection
Cleaning Effect
water pipe cleaning effects
After cleaning, the effect is very significant. The faucet can be used. The amount of water faucet is significantly larger than before. The hotel manager was very satisfied and ordered to clean the water pipes of the hotel's 202 rooms.

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