The water pipeline cleaning industry was still under development in China, the residents barely have the awareness of improving water quality. Ricun was build upon the idea to bring this concept – utilizing healthy water to every family, to ensure everybody understand the importance of cleaning water pipeline.



The CACS pipe cleaning technology was created and the goal of independent production was achieved.

The company has had a clear and explicit strategy – more investment in technology to improve the quality of the products, simultaneously lower the cost and enhance the functional stability, making sure it fit the circumstances of water usage within the country.



Ricun put its main focus on Shenzhen, Guangdong.

Actively expanding the pipe cleaning business to the market outside the province, a few stores was set up in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.



Got the national patents and CE certification.

Dozens of patents were being applied, invention, utility models, industrial design, CE certification and so on. From its operational principle, structure, software, trademark and copyright, the company has utilized National Intellectual Property Rights to protect its products and the technology has been recognized worldwide.



Our own brand “Water Manager”was created.

Ricun has entered the stage of steady development. In order to deliver better service and to enhance the awareness of water pipeline cleaning, the brand “Water Manager” was therefore invented, the platform of door-to-door service was established, more and more business partners were found, as a result, the entrepreneurship has become a trend.



Selected by Xiamen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Database.

Increasingly more people realized the necessity of cleaning water supply pipeline. As an important project for people’s well-being, water manager was chosen by Xiamen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Database and make its contribution to the environment.



Exported to many countries、New Fourth Board Listing, heading towards capital market.

The products were exported to Hong Kong、Canada、the United States、Malaysia、Taiwan、Australia、Vietnam. New Fourth Board Listing has united the whole company and its employees, steadily heading to the same direction.



Certifications of New Hi-tech Enterprises,  both urban and national wide.

Water Manager has earned the certifications of New Hi-tech Enterprises, and has established operational center inside and outside the province, becoming an entrepreneurship platform with credibility and creativity. A member of WorldSkills International who represents our country has become the chief technical advisor for  Water Manager.



Water Manager’s overseas branch and operational centers have been established.

Top management has paid several visits to the oversea branch in Malaysia, to make a strategic plan and assemble a team. Five operational centers within the country have been built, the business has expended internationally. 

Worldwide healthy water usage can be expected.
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