About Us

About Us

Water manager is a renowned innovative water pipe cleaning technology company, who specialized in the R&D of water pipe cleaning equipment with 20 national patents, CE, ROHS, ISO9001 Quality System certification so far.

Why are we here

People always ignore that that water can be contaminated during the stagnant periods in the water supply pipes.
Ricun keeps seeking the pipe solution to improve the quality of household water consumption. With our patented CACS technology, we’ve got a lot of customer’s praise so far. 

Competitive Advantages:

1. Over 10 years of OEM/ODM experiences, we can meet all of your branding or custom requirements including products, package, advertisement material, video, etc;

2. We have our own factory, English or other language version  is available;

3. Low defective rate: Controlling defective products within 1%

4. Fast lead time: 5-6 weeks  for wholesale or dealer's order

5. Long warranty: 2 years warranty

6. So far, our headquater is in Xia'men, and we have another 4 branches ( Wuhan, Hefei, Fuzhou, Quanzhou) and one agent in Malaysia;



Water Manager is growing rapidly and has a unique corporate culture.

The company attaches great importance to teamwork and open communication, creating a competitive atmosphere that promote personal growth for employees.

The company is dedicated to change the concept of healthy water for millions of families. And the company’s goal is to be the top brand in water pipe cleaning industry.
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Now Water Manager are seeking for agents worldwide, contact us any time if you interest!

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